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Misty –

Total money lost $230.52

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They call at first offering you toner at a reduced price, which seems ok at first and they include some kind of gift card, which is not the amount they tell you on the phone. They call a few months later saying you need to complete your contract. Later we received a call saying there should have been 2 toners in the initial package that was the deal but there was an error in their shipping department so they are shipping the second – they do and then later send you an invoice for the 2nd one.

I have already received a 3rd package that I did not requested and after trying to obtain a RMA to return it. They tell me that the office hours are until 3 (I called 3:10pm) and the representative is gone. They let the discrepancy time run out (36 hours) so then you are stuck paying for the invoice.

After looking online, seems that the same happened to multiple small businesses. They have horrible reviews.


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