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Lindsey –

Victim Location 48134

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Phishing

I went to get botox. I was quoted and agreed upon $550 for 60 units. It was a price I’d paid previously for the same amount of Botox from there. At checkout was told $550 and rung up. I added $25 tip and completed transaction. The office participates in the Merz Aesthetics Virtual Experience Program, where the client gets a card with a code and pin to redeem a $50 virtual Visa card. This time at checkout instead of being handed a card, I was told I would get a call from them tomorrow with the info. I received the call the next day, and was told they were having trouble logging into my account and they needed my password so they could enter it. Like a dummy I gave it to them. They logged in, entered a code, and REDEEMED it. When confounded I asked why they were redeeming it and was told it was going toward payment of the Botox I received yesterday. When I told them I’d already paid in full (the price the doctor and assistanat quoted and wrung up at checkout) i was told that ($550) was the price they charged becoause of the reward card $. Not a word was said the day of service about them keeping it, or of the price being changed or different in any way than what Id paid. The Merz company representative I spoke to said they are not supposed to do that, that they are to give the cardboard card with the info to the patient. I believe they are scamming patiets and Merz of the $50 reward. If I hadn’t been a recipient of the reward previously, they could have just made an account and redeemed it to their business without my ever knowing, but because I’d already had an account they had to call and get my password to do it because as she said she couldn’t log into my account. They ask for email and copy drivers license so they have all the info they need to create an account for someone without their knowledge. The woman on the phone said this is the way the do it now so I’m not the only one to get scammed, I haven’t been there for maybe a year, so who knows how long its been going on and how many have been scammed this way.


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