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Allison –

Victim Location 11375

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Employment

Hello everyone!

I hope this message will save some people’s time and their 300$. Unfortunately I was too naive and desperate when I’ve met with these frauds. The guy who interviewed me his name is Anthony/Tony B…. he was very helpful and kind, after his fairly tales, he asked 100$ registration fee and another 199$ for a “fire guard” class which gives certificate.. and of course with this certificate I can get a job very easily.. i worked with multiple companies before but no one ever asked me this document. Anyhow, I thought maybe it’s not a bad thing if I have it so I said ok. ( since then I never received any certification) I went to the class, there was full of people (approximately 40-50 people in a 20-25 person capacity room)

The curse was around 90 mins and the first 30 mins was full of ** ( why is this certificate good for us) the rest was like he read it from google and sell it for us for 200$..

after all I’ve got back the paperwork with 2 receipts ( they asked all paperwork back in the beginning of the class so I gave them 200$ Cash without any receipt and when I asked it right away the gentleman said this isn’t working like that. I said I just gave you 200$ cash I need a receipt.. he said end of the training you’ll get back.. I said okkkay..)

After a class Toni/Anthony B shake my hand he congratulated me very happily for my new job and said he’ll call me on Tuesday 11am-4pm and give me the address where I can start working on Thursday.. he didn’t make a call so I called him around 4:30pm. He said “I’m sorry It was a very busy day but let him call me back tomorrow.” I was like ***! Ok.

He didn’t call me back.

I had a phone call after almost a week And another guy MR. …. told me I have a job interview in a city. I was like what? I thought I will work without any interviewing, that’s why I paid I guess.. he said no, I actually paid for the certificate and the rest is up to me.. I went to the place and the job was already taken.

(Of course)

After I realized they probably have some jobs/buildings who are corporate with (possibly they are also into this scam game for some extra $.) where they can send 100’s of people’s weekly.

(90K for them, right?)

I called Tony and he said don’t worry I make sure you’ll get a job this week.

I already knew I’m ***  After all, we had few more phone calls with more **  (btw, they sent me only one address in two weeks) and, now I’m writing this report.

Honestly I can’t believe how disgusting thing is this.. to rip off desperate people’s money just like that?!

I was truly stupid to not realize, never pay for job because it’s probably a scam! Now I know!

Actually this lesson cost me 300$ (Could be worse sometimes) so the only thing I can do, is warning you guys!

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT with these frauds or you will lose your money and most of all, your time!

Other hand, If there’s anyone who I can work with to put these people down, I’m gladly willing to help.

Thank you for reading

Best of luck to everyone!


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