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Melinda – Sep 22, 2020

Total Scam! They DO NOT have ANY BIRDS. I WAS attempting to purchase two birds and lost $2500! Quoted me an initial price sent money and then asked for shipping in special container via airlines. They send whta appears to be legitimate documentation but its all a scam and lie! Please heed my review they will block your number and they use TimothyZJOnes on Cash app.

Johnny – Sep 14, 2020

Sent them $300 for Sun Conure – Next day they demanded more money – never delivered the bird and made bunch of threats. STAY AWAY!

Cristina – Aug 26, 2020


Regina – Aug 26, 2020

If anyone wants to call the police I was able to get a physical adress. “Yes, we do have an address which is 7233 Orizaba Ave El Paso, TX 79912 and you can make the payment through CashApp as we do not process a credit card payment”
Thank you

Marc – Aug 16, 2020

I will publicly apologize to Maxi Parrots if I get a refund of my purchase price of 350 $ for a blue crown conure . I am presently waiting for this money .

Shaun – Aug 16, 2020

they are a total scam and got me for 480$ . THIEVES !

Evan – Aug 13, 2020

Scammer’s phone 915-257-8862

Scammer’s website Maxi parrots

Scammer’s address don’t know

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Phone

I was looking for a blue crown conure online . Found maxi parrots and paid a 100$ deposit through cashapp. The website looked good and the man I spoke to sounded knowledgeable and friendly. I did not see these complaints prior to paying for the rest of my bird. Here we are the day before he is to arrive and I got an text from this guy saying I need to pay an additional (95% refundable ) insurance fee to the airline before he is shipped. By now I have seen and read all these complaits and I knew I was scammed . I sent a text back and asked for a refund . I told him I knew he was scamming me. He said ok . That’s it. I don’t imagine I will get my money back. I have never scammed anyone . This feels very bad.

Ronald – Aug 13, 2020

I fell for their scam and paid 480 $ for a blue crown conure . Their website was nice . The guy I spoke to was good . I paid and then this morning I received a text that i needed to pay 510 extra for shipping insurance . This is supposed to be 95% refundable . Not only do I not have the money but after this ( which I discovered too late ) I’m not going to send more money as I now know I won’t get the bird. Hard lesson to learn. I’m not sure what to do next . I’ve asked for a refund ( right!?) . He texted ok .

Nancy – Aug 08, 2020

Scammer’s phone 19152578862

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Bought a afercian Grey so I thought and wasted 1,050.00 on it. I was sent a video of the bird too.

Jonathan – Dec 08, 2020

Ask for a video chat or that you will pickup the bird that what I did to avoid a parrot scam I also saw African grey spell wrong in the bird website I went on a website call exotic parrot instead of African grey it spell africa gray and the egg price for the black palm cockatoo was $45 so be careful out there people.

Ross – Aug 08, 2020

It’s stupid how people out there can easily scam people online… especially how everything is in this world, I went online looking for exotic birds, (afercian Grey) and saw Maxi parrots, with a website that looked ligit had so much information on there along with their workers ect, I emailed made sure things were real, I was sent videos of birds ect. and as they emailed back and 4rth for the last 2 days, i was set, and I thought I got a bird for sale, but NO! THESE PEOPLE WENT AHEAD and stole! They have you oay for in through cashapp the money and emails you, says they’ll let me know about the shipping information in the am, the AM comes around and I was sent a wrong dated confirmation and asking for more money for the flight for a “pandemic insurance for the bird that was another 880.00) si I click the damn picture, and another red flag hit me, the picture had wronf dates, so I went on it to see if it was real again to make sure the link was error out, HELLS naahhh that [censored] was edited and wron, so they thought it was july, and said (purchased July 6th 2020) (departure July 7th 2020) (arrival July 8th 2020) when it’s August 7th 2020… i soemt my money agust 6rh 2020. So when I went to call that website, nobody answered, and it went straight to a weird thing stamping ” you have reached a text now app ohome number” I was pissed and hung up, and then they call me back and I asked them all the redheads and stuff called the dude out spoke about the [censored] website and how there’s bad reviews its a scam, he then hung up, 1,050.00 down the drain for a bird I thought I could get myself. I just wanted a beautiful family friendly bird. MAXI PARROTS IS A SCAM! THEY SCAM YOU FOR MOMEY AND CAUSE TOU TO SEND MORE MONEY BEFORE SHIPPING OUT, THROUGH A DIFFERENT WAY THAN WHEN YOU BOUGHT A BIRD! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

Amelia – Aug 13, 2020

unfortunately I did not see this until it was too late . I paid for a blue crown conure and will not be getting him because they just tried to scam me out of an additional $510.00 for shipping insurance. I don’t have the extra money . It’s supposed to be refundable . Right !?
It’s not a nice feeling for sure .

Bryan – Jul 31, 2020

Thanks to everyone for posting your experiences about Max parrots. You prevented me from placing an online order and loosing my money. My next step is to forward these complaints to the chief criminal investigations department of the FBI. I’m confident the information provided will be used to charge and convict these criminals.

Allen – Nov 12, 2020

Try exotic parrot farm that place not a scam it had good reviews.

Sean – Aug 13, 2020

If I can help , I will. I too was scammed by these people.

Micheal – Jul 19, 2020

Placed for a umbrella cockatoo for a 1000 paid a extra 250 to have the delivered to my house, and a extra 710 for insurance on the bird. Told me it was shipped and be here first thing in the morning next day. Never came be ware of maxi parrots! I feel like a [censored]! All my money that I had

Wendy – Aug 13, 2020

Same here. I feel like an [censored] . I have bought a bird online before and received a beautiful baby. So I thought I was safe . Not so. I’m not out as much as you but still all i had. I can’t come up with the extra ” insurance ” money.

Kelsey – May 31, 2020

This guy answered the phone and wanted me to give a deposit when I dont live far away. He gave me a fake address and hung up on me twice. I told him I was going to report him and he said I was making a big mistake and sent me a picture of my own home and said danger was coming my way. I am calling the police. These people are scammers. Thiefs.

Travis – May 28, 2020

Tried to purchase a conure from the thieves. They are convincing in telling you what you want to hear about the bird and shipping transfer. Please see attachments

Theodore – May 13, 2020

These scammers tried to get me for $1780 when I asked for tax ID or business license number they gave me a story and they wanted me to pay half of the order then they would generate a airline ticket! Total scam I worked for delta airlines that is not how it works! Beware do not send them money!

Brent – May 03, 2020

I was looking to buy a Blue and Gold macaw. I saw the add on maxiporrots. And contacted Kari at Maxiporrots. They wanted me to send them $750 and than they would send me their address to visit or pick up my parrot. When I asked for more info they didn’t answer my question they would ask me if I was ready to place my order? When I expressed my concerns about sending the money with no guarantee they said “am sorry we dint play games.” Can ask again if I’m ready to place my order? I went and looked up Maxi parrots and came across you. Now thanks to you I didn’t fall for their scam. This is the number they texted me from (406) 282-3611 emails are Keri – Maxi Parrots • [email protected] and Maxi Parrots • [email protected]

Bryce –

Be weird scams on this website. Payed cash 1830$ and today they asked for another 480$,never got my African Grey, save your money please. The comment below it’s true, I can put my signature under every single word.

Nicolas –

Victim Location 20194

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scam Info – Maxi Parrots and their shipping partner Cargoway Logistics (Actual business they are mimicking is Cargoways Logistics) Cargoway Logistics (Note- numerous broken links on their website) Maxi Parrots [email protected] +1 (713)231-0149 Payee (through PayPal) – Sent $800 Avila Guillerrmo [email protected] Other fund receivers: Mason Kesia (Western Union) Mike Richmond (CashApp) CashApp username is $mikerichmon Name: Mark Irwins (Moneygram) City: Pearland Postal code: 77581 State: Texas Marx Cooley 4694 Royal Ct Cir Abilene, TX 79606 4628 Birch Street, El Paso,TX-79901 FW: I have already ship out the parrot and attached is the ticket,please fine tracking number and link to the site shipping company below Also track the parrot to make sure everything is fine tracking: CWL7600156359VA Thanks Cargoway Logistics WELCOME TO CARGOWAY LOGISTICS Dear client, We have confirm the arrival date of your parrot which is 2019-02-22 and its now pending delivery.You will have to pickup the parrot from the Dulles International Airport,we are going to notify as soon as the parrot is there and ready to be picked up. At the moment we need a refundable pet insurance fee of $1200,this insurance fee is 95% refundable at the point of delivery and all parrots ship with us must be insured. Please try to make this payment at your earliest convenient so that we can insure your parrot before the time of departure. Please get back to us for instructions on how to go about making this payment. Thanks for using our services  The Management Dear customer, we


Phone: +1 (713) 231-0149


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