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Joel –

Victim Location 53045

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a text message from 775-374-5004 asking about the riding boots I was selling on They said they would need to pay with a cashiers check for the $290 I was asking, but were okay waiting for it to clear my bank and that they would send it on 8/5. After saying they sent the check they said that they made it out for $950 and that they wanted me to send the extra money to their mother-in-law via an online/phone app.

"You will send the rest cash through cash App or or Zelle”

I had never heard of these and told them that I did not agree to this or feel comfortable about this request and asked for a check for the agreed upon amount. They ignored that request. On 8/15 I received the check dated 8/14 that was overnighted to me. The check was from a Mervis Diamond in Virginia. The return address was a Martin Northouse in Lillian, Alabama. I proceeded to call the jewelry store and they confirmed that they obviously did not send this check and when I confronted the person I was text messaging with they did not respond after that. The language used in the text messages was very broken English as well which was a little concerning to me before the whole $950 check showed up.


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