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Leslie –

Victim Location 35805

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call from a lady by the name of Patti and it appeared unknown on the caller id. she told me I was being sued and told me that I had a case number so I would know about when to appear in court for the company suing me. Case number (2018-149426). She then gave me the phone number that I needed to call to get information about the company suing me(which she should have been able to provide that info) 855-712-0935. I took the 1st step to look on google with the number and nothing came up. I then also googled the name (knights law center) and didn’t find anything there either. So I went ahead and called the number and spoke to a guy by the name of Joseph Smith. He starting getting really defensive when I asked why his business wasn’t listed in the since any business you work for should be listed there. I also advised him that the number didn’t show up here in the nor on google. I also asked that he send out a statement in the mail stating what this was in regards to and what the balance was etc. because by law, you have to have mail sent to you on whats taking place. He says, ma’am you know you owe the money so just pay it and I am not going to send a statement to you because we did in the past. He then starts saying I am just a young girl who cant handle responsibilities and that I smelled like gasoline. Then he hung up the phone.



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