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Gerald –

Victim Location 01519

Type of a scam Other

I have been receiving E-mails from multiple people inquiring if we where hiring because a company call JWH Construction Group which is a similar name to ours, has been E-mailing tempting engineering positions in the U.S. At this point I am receiving about two a day. From my research it seems that this JWH Construction Group company is fake. They do not have a website ( since their name is similar to our company, we come up as the google search and people are assuming it is us) and are operating under a WhatsApp number, and a gmail account.

They have been contacting people overseas and have asked for visa paper work, "hired" one individual without an interview, and asked another person their physical condition, if they smoke, or if they exercise, leading him to think they are doing organ trafficking. Upon some research, no such company seems to exist in the US, although there is one in Australia. However, judging by the poor grammar in the sample of an e-mail from this "company" and the "add" for positions i found linked to the WhatsApp number, I believe they are operating out of Dubai.

Attached is an example of one of the E-mails I have received from a concerned person, and the add I found conected to the WhatsApp number



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