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Vincent –

Victim Location 21401

Type of a scam Other

I was looking for a commercial cleaner for a restaurant. I got on to a website called Bark, and received many replies for quotes. I set up many appointments for the companies to come by and see the restaurant and giver their quotes. I spoke to the owner of one particular company, JW restaurants. His name was David, and everything seemed normal. He sent someone out to take pictures, and within minutes of them leaving a received a quote and contract from him for $1600 a month. Mind you, no other quote out of 30 cleaners was under $3200 so this struck me as odd. I called David to make sure that he was aware of the scope of work. He stated that they are a large company and have such big reach and so much experience that this is why they can offer such a low price. I told him that I find it very hard to believe, and he asked if he could set up a free trial cleaning to prove that his company was professional and good at what they do. I obliged and was present for the free trial cleaning. After speaking with the employees that actually cleaned the restaurant, I found out that they were a 3rd party cleaner called by David the same day that the quote was given. They were told not to speak to me at all, not to wear their own company’s clothing or logo. Upon further investigation, David had this company, Nifty Pro Cleaning, sign a contract stating that they would be paid $4000 per month for cleaning services. They had no idea that he had quoted us $1600. On the restaurant end of the contract, it stated invoice to be paid within the 30 cleaning period, and on the Nifty Pro side, that they would be paid 30 days after they had submitted an invoice for cleaning.

Both contracts appeared to be the same, but very basic and elementary with not mention of insurance, bonding, severance of contract, etc. Nothing that a normal legally binding contract would have as standard. The last thing was that David had send references. I called both references that he listed. One, a restaurant that had been closed for 6 months. Upon reaching their restaurant group, no one knew who David, or JW restaurants were. The second reference had the address of an unfinished building that was accepting tenants, not restaurant that David claimed to be cleaning.



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