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Stephen –

Victim Location 85281

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by an email through Ziprecruiter which I’ve attached. The "representative" from this company offered a lot of money for very little data entry work. I searched up any listings by this company on Ziprecruiter, nothing came up. Very little information came up when I looked up this company. The only company by this name is located in Georgia. I live in Tempe, Arizona. The phone number they used to contact me is a Dallas area code. One of the first emails they sent me mentioned 30 applicants with only 10 spots available. The next email 10 minutes later says I’ve been accepted. No interview, nothing. They then asked for my information including my banking/routing numbers. They wanted to deposit an amount in my bank account, then have me send some of it somewhere else. (sounds like the bouncing check scheme but okay). I ask them to ease my doubts. They say they’re offering a 100% legit work-at-home position. They send me a link saying they’re accredited… they’re not. I keep questioning them and they threaten to rescind the job offer. All around suspicious.



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