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Our company, Skills to Change Inc, in OKC was contacted by phone by a company, JVSM Cros Venture Marketing, from CA, followed by this email (see below).

I can’t find anything online but it seems to be a "to good to be true" offer. Can you please tell me if you are familiar with this company?

Thank you!

Esther van Rein, Skills to Change Institute Inc, OKC. Phone (direct): 405 343 6794, email: [email protected]

This is the email we received:

Hello ………,

Nice talking with you this afternoon regarding your company, FasterEFT, and my firm, JVMS, Inc. As I mentioned to you, I was recently referred to your company at a BNI power meeting. They said that we might be able to work together, and that you could be a great case study for us.

Briefly, here are the details of what we do:

We (JVMS, LLC) would be marketing your business for free, by increasing your online presence, and thereby potentially sending you more customers. We will be covering the costs to see the increased sales performance. In other words, All of our efforts on your behalf are FREE!

What we do / How we are compensated:

· What we do is unique: we build case studies for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, and affiliate marketing networks, in North America. For example, Target, Walmart, Costco, Guthy Renker, HSN, and Nordstrom.

· These large companies are our clients, we have proven to them that our strategies are effective – so they pay us our fees.

We have done some very thorough due diligence, and frankly feel we can provide immense results with our investment.

If you are interested, we would be thrilled to work with you. So you know, we would be using your business as a case study!

Our company’s business model:

JVMS is a marketing investment firm. We build and test multiple online marketing strategies. At this point, we are looking for case studies to prove concept to our corporate buyers.

I feel that I and my company can provide immense opportunities to increase your overall profitability, again at no cost to you.

Would you have an interest in participating in and benefiting from our case study?

I feel that I and my company can provide immense opportunities to increase your overall profitability, again at no cost to you.

Please let me know,

Looking forward to hearing from you!


J. Scott Smith

Senior Data Analyst


[email protected]



(844) 586 7552 ext.113



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