juventasskin or Vitalita Derma

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Lee –

Total money lost $128.79

Type of a scam Other

Vitalita Derma, Juventasskin et al via probably another name sent out an email, to me, claiming to be mu ISP who, in this case is MTS. It came in the form of filling out a survey and for filling out the survey one would get a special offer. The special offer was a skin cream and if you accept that there was a secondary special offer, for which I signed up as well. Everything was good and the products came, as claimed. However, a month and a half later, here comes the product again, unsolicited, by me, anyways, I’m thinking here, what’s going on. Since I paid (shipping) for the orignal order via my Credit Card, I go and log into on-line-banking to check my Credit Card and sure enough there’s a charge from some American company, Juventasskin, for $ 128.78. We sent the first (I say first because we didn’t there’d be another) package back, "return to sender, unopened, via Canada Post. A few days later another package comes. Meanwhile we received emails from this Vitalita Derma out fit about this order, which was unknow to us. Seems when I got sucked into this special offer, somewhere it must have stated that this would be a continuous order. I contacted them, cancelled whatever orders they have against us and was told I could only get 50% of my money back. We also told them there is no sense in them sending any more as we cancelled our Credit Card and they wouldn’t be able to charge to that anymore. We then promptly received email acknowledging the acc’t. cancelation and a refund notice, though not for 50%. We’ll see what they actually refund.



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