Justin Fisher, Cuna Mutual

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Armando –

Victim Location 99587

Type of a scam Phishing

My phone caller ID verified that a Justin Fisher called my house at 7:20pm from the number 907-982-7137 claiming to represent CUNA Mutual, the company through which my local Credit Union recently offered a free $4K life insurance policy. He said he was going to be in my neighborhood the next day and wanted to set up an appointment to come to my house to go over the new policy and explain how to make claims. He had my name, date of birth, mailing address and next of kin information and requested to know my house address. He said he didn’t usually come out our way and didn’t want me to have to come all the way down to his office. The times he offered to come by were noon, 4pm or 6pm. He wanted to know the hours I worked. I did not feel comfortable and declined his offer despite repeated attempts. My Credit Union confirmed that house visits were not policy and that CUNA Mutual would not be calling from a local but rather 1-800 number. I have increased security around my house and notified my neighbors in fear that this was a scam to know when no one would be home to rob my house or worse.



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