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Monica –

Victim Location 27514

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website JustFab, when initially visited, offers a good deal for being a new customer and displays a countdown for how long it lasts. This leads people to rush through the purchase, not realizing they’ve signed up for a VIP membership or that it costs $39.95/mo to do so. Although it is displayed twice, 2 screens before checkout and below on confirmation, the button is automatically clicked so people don’t actually make the decision themselves. Furthermore, on the initial place where VIP can be seen, as well as where the checkbox is, the price is not with it. The price is in the middle of information below. People are then charged $39.95 a month without notice after this, often going up over $100. The company is then bad about refunding and cancelling the VIP, with some people even reporting suddenly receiving charges well after cancelling or having an expired or cancelled card charged.

Technically speaking, they’re doing nothing wrong. Customers aren’t reading the fine print. However, their website design is encouraging this and their following customer service makes it seem to be intentional.

This happened to my girlfriend, I helped her get the membership cancelled (hopefully) but no refund.

A quick google search of "JustFab reviews" shows a lot of angry people about it.

Here’s some reviews, the first negative and the second positive. Most mention the card charging:



Even people who like the site admit to being annoyed by the sudden and continuous charging.

I just want them to issue some kind of notice or popup confirmation, or even not auto-click the VIP offer. No one should be signing up for a service without realizing it, and the company is banking on people doing so. Technically what they’re doing is not illegal or criminal, but it’s poor practice and has cost people over $100.



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