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Juan – Jun 28, 2020

I first met Howard Rann Carlson, who represents himself and with a trail calling him Jay Carlson after he had heard a conversation I had on the phone. He is now pushing his suspected fraud in the Aspen area and Western Colorado. The trail leads across the Western USA. His company is now American Organization Organization for Enterprises Inc. and many other shell companies including the business card he provided of Jay Carlson with . This person claimed to be an attorney at law and that is how I engaged for what was to be a total of $8,000.00. I provided the first 1/2 of $4,000.00 (and “he gave me a 2 for one deal with his X-Games (suspect a Ponzi) investment ploy with the remaining $4,000.00 to be paid in about a month. When Jay/Howard started wanting the 2nd payment early, I had a funny feeling…then I started my research of who Howard Bradley, DBA Jay Carlson was. Seems he is not an attorney, the trail of fraud and time served indicated I made a mistake. The closer it got to the payment date, the more desperate for the 2nd half Jay Carlson became. A few days before, I asked per direction I had received, to ask for ID. That is when Jay/Howard became a nut…he started with insults, made extortionist demands I agree to HIS terms, and finally profane claims that I would be sued for $300,000.00 to $400,000.00 for breach of contract. If you meet this guy, do not walk, RUN in the other direction, I suspect he is a conman, a fraud, a thief, and was arrested In Grand Junction Colorado for financial abuse of an elderly person. Howard/DBA Jay gave me a card for Sales Pro Inc (sales-proinc.com) with 8 The Green Dover DE 19901…turns out that is a house, another addressin Grand Junction Colorado is a Garage…and most of his registries use a BUSINESS AGENT in Boulder. I found multiple Colorado Secretary of State registries (SHELL ORGAIZATIONS?), with one simply fraud for a false name.
The P. O. Box Howard Bradley, DBA Jay Carlson, Jay Carlson LTD,Just Value Concepts, Holiday Sun ski, Sales-proinc.com, is currently using is : P. O. Box 9533, Aspen, CO 81612 and his current residence seems to be in the Terracehouse, Snowmass Village, Colorado 81615 with phone numbers of 800-218-0995, 800-219-1459, and 302-504-6034. and what is his current cell phone 517-513-5491!
He is currently driving a 99 Porsche with New Mexico Plate ARDG67
When I asked about the very bad reviews, his claim it is an old girls friend who is mad at him. This in not a female, it is an almost 60 year old man, who has lived in the Aspen area for 20 years…email me at [email protected] and I will be glad to communicate when I know, how I found it, and what law enforcement jurisdictions I have spoke with and who are CURRENTLY 06/2020 investigating this person. This man must be stopped. Claimed last year $131,000,000.00 or profits were distributed from his company LAST for last year with X-Games. Seems to be using ABC Registrar, Inc. for I-net for his domains. see his new shell @ http://aofeinc.com/
Be afraid of this guy, I feel he has serious ongoing mental (probably criminal) issues.

Jerry –

Victim Location 86403

Total money lost $14,500

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Ted Bradley aka Ted Howard Bradley aka Howard Rann Bradley aka T Howard Bradley

runs scams under two Business Names: Holiday Sun Ski Ventures and Just value Concepts

The holiday Sun Ski Ventures has a website representing vacation planning and financing those

vacations and promoting the X Games in Aspen Co. what happens is Mr. Bradley will contact you

after you inquire about possible travel plans and does a hardcore, high pressured sales job on you

to convince you to make a deposit to Holiday Sun Ski Ventures to secure lodging for the X Games

and you will earn an immediate return plus interest on your investment. He usually starts at 10K and

when you respond that you don’t feel confortable with that amount he becomes very angry and

aggressive and when you attempt to back out completely he drops to 1K. I fell for that and expected

a return within a week and interest on top. Thank never happened. He had originally offered me assistance

with a Business Plan through his other business Just Value Concepts the other business website claims to

offer Marketing and business consulting to Businesses. I first came in contact with "Ted Bradley" via this

website and paid for his assistance creating a business plan to help me expand my business in total $10k

and 4 months later no business plan for me. I have sent him emails and texts with no resolution.

I Found out later that he had been in prison for Fraudulent Schemes Hed did 10 years for that charge

and had done time previously. His legal name is Howard Rann Bradley.

He needs to be stopped and I need some help to get him back where he came from. If you google Just

Value Concepts you will find others that posted their losses on Yelp.

Please let me know what you can do to get him stopped.

Felicia –

Victim Location 85388

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Investment

We paid Just Value Concepts for marketing brochures and Mr. Howard Bradley did not provide what was paid for.

In conversations Mr. Bradley used harsh bully tactics to convince us in investing in the XGames. We refused and

our brochures were never delivered. Mr. Bradlely also went to each business in the shopping center we are located

in and was successful in talking two other businesses into marketing materials and when they would not make an

investment with him for XGames he did not produce the brochures and most likely used their money for his investment

schemes. He served 8 years in prison for similar Fraudlent Schemes was released in June 2013 and started right

back up. He needs to be stopped.

Terrance –

Victim Location 86406

Total money lost $14,000

Type of a scam Investment

I met Howard Bradley but he introduced himself as Ted Bradley so when I did a background check I did not find the

previous Prison time spent by Mr. Howard Bradley. When I gave Mr. Bradley my deposit for the business consulting he met with me on several occasions and asked for more deposits which I have learned not were used for several schemes

that he was promising great investments returns on. The XGames, Papa Johns Pizza Expansion, Industrial Diamonds,

Phoenix Billboard signs. He is a total Scam and I later found out his name and found his past prison time of 8 years

for Fraudulent Schemes. He started back up immediately in june 2013. He needs to be stopped.



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