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Kimberly –

Victim Location 07024

Total money lost $999.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

My laptop suddenly gave me a red screen with an audio message to immediately call 1 844 774 8432 due to serious virus infection. I called and was told by a technician that my computer was badly infected, he put a blue newspaper article on my screen , depicting ZEUS VIRUS information, which involved the FBI handling a fraud investigation.

I now wonder how he could access my computer and this happened on June 13, two days ago. My question was never answered, although I was transferred to two other agents. Originally I was quoted a price of $ 449.00 to get rid of the virus, a technician fee of $ 149.99 to which I agreed. I then was told I needed a life time security package, so the total would come to $999.99 including all taxes. When I told them I did not need the life time security as I was elderly and would probably only use a computer for a couple of more years, I was told by yet another technician by the name of Jacob, that this was my life time one time fix which would cover all my devices including any new computer etc. I could no longer remain under such pressure, thinking that my computer was going to totally crash and ending up with nothing. When I offered to put the charge on my American Express card, I was told they only accepted visa or mastercard, but I could use my checking account by giving them the routing number, account number and check number. I did this against my better judgment, the technician signed my check in my name and finally started to work on my computer. I was told it would take a couple of hours and he would call me back. He did and told me all was fixed, that he installed 4 Microsoft softwares for which he gave me 4 different names. I do not know how to verify this, I only use my computer for emails and photos. I have a feeling that my computer was never at risk, and that the red screen warning with the scary audio message I received initially, was

possibly generated by the Just Geeks LLC company ?? I do not accuse them of a scam, I leave that up to you.

Thank you for listening, sorry I was so lengthy.



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