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Chelsea –

Victim Location 80525

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The company does not respond to requests for cancellation of orders and refunds for items not received. I ordered 2 items on 10/2/2019 which were supposed to be delivered and have not even left for shipment. No tracking numbers. Order not fulfilled. They will not refund my money.

Wesley –

Victim Location 23323

Total money lost $135

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Their pictures are misleading!!! Do not buy from this website! I bought nine (9) garments from Just Fashion Now and have received a steady stream of shoddy, ill-sized pieces of crap that exhibit poor workmanship. I have bought better clothing from Walmart. In fact, this clothing is an insult to Walmart. The “merchandise” arrived in obviously shop-worn packaging that appeared to have been returned multiple times. I won’t bother to return this crap to Just Fashion Now and will just donate this crap to charity. I really feel bad donating this crap!!! Buyer beware!! I am going to tell all my friends not to buy this crap. It’s a scam!!! Buy from Amazon, HSN and QVC. They sell quality merchandise and deliver in a timely manner. I brought this crap from Just Fashion Now and have been waiting over four weeks to receive all I bought. Again, don’t buy from this site!!! I brought what appeared to be a granny square cardigan. I was misled. It was a print of granny squares on cloth. It was unreal. I also bought a sweater coat and they shipped me a garment that did not match the picture. The picture was from knitting and crochet free pattern sites.


According to the company’s Terms & Conditions on their website, they are located in the United Kingdom (England).

Rachael –

Victim Location 07021

Total money lost $349

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

ordered dresses from justfashionnow. I authorized a paypal payment and realized this was not a good idea. I immediately sent just fashion now a email to cancel the order and proceeded to call paypal and asked that the charges be reversed due to the order was cancelled. they refused to comply. approximately 3 weeks later I received the merchandise. It was like buying dresses made out of tissue paper. I followed all the instructions to return the merchandise in June of 2019 via US postal express mail. From June 13, 2019 to September 23, 2019 I filed claims with paypal, the US postal service. The US postal service after 3 phone conversations informed me the Chines Customs refused the package and was sending it back to me with no explanation as to why? PayPal will not refund my money. it cost me 70.00 to send the package back to just fashion now. I am sure I am not the only victim. this company should be investigated…..It changes it name almost daily on the internet, offering the same merchandise.

Rachel –

Victim Location 94022

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company advertises on Facebook. Their products are NOT as advertised and they are based out of China, with no physical address or phone too contact them. The only way to return the product is if you turn it TO CHINA at your OWN expense (which is considerable) even though they funnel the product through a U.S. shipping location. Very shady company that is continuing to to off consumers.

Jerry –

Victim Location 02132

Total money lost $146.62

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Just Fashion Now, later called CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED I learned after i contacted PayPal……which was a different name from the company that sent the items, also with no email, tele# and website, is a SCAM MAIL ORDER WEBSITE pretending to be American clothing store. The clothes are for chinese dolls… literally! I received cheap throw up beige colored men’s (I have never met a man that tiny) wrap around sweater sent instead of colorful women’s dress. Also a tiny raincoat was sent instead of an indian design woman’s shirt. It wasn’t until I got hold of PayPal that I got a response and the message back was to send back all the items I ordered to China and I would get my money back. I never received 6 correct items I ordered, just 2 items… one was xxlarge and fit me ( I am normally a size 8-10), the other was again china doll size. PLUS…… to send back to China? The price would be more than I payed for it all and I am sure I would never have gotten my money back, so I dropped the complaint to PayPal, later to find out the person from PayPal I spoke to even admitted this complaint with just fashion now happens all the time. I wish I remember the company that sent me the items but the tag was cut out. I have since stopped buying through PayPal and donated the items to ***  second hand store in west Roxbury Ma. Now company called Noracora has been popping up on my computer. No surprise the outfits are the same items exactly photographically.

Erik –

Victim Location 17349

Total money lost $96

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I ordered shoes from this company and they were very poorly made. They look nothing like the picture on the website they were so cheap I would not wear them. They offered to let me return them but it was to China and it cost too much to send to them more than what I paid for the order so now I’m stuck . Even if I sent them back I probably wouldn’t get the refund because I don’t believe it we get to them . It took over a month to get the shoes I called to cancel the order because it took so long and they said it already shipped which was not the truth . This company is a total scam

Paul –

Victim Location 63011

Total money lost $54

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered several back-to-school items on 8/3/18 and paid extra $$ to expedite shipping. It has been 10 days and we have not received our items yet. I contacted them but no one will contact me back.

Tamara –

Victim Location 46260

Total money lost $50.80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This "company" is listed under the following title/name: CHIV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED and it claims to be a clothing website, selling items on the cheap. I ordered from them over two weeks ago. I received no information about my order and had to contact them myself. It’s been three weeks now and when I demanded a refund, you can guess what type of response I got…


I am reporting them to the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission, the local Attorney’s General’s office, and the local police.

This "business" is a fraud.

Cole –

Victim Location 07631

Total money lost $115

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered some sandals from this place. There’s no address, phone number or any contact information on the website. I only know the above information because of the return label they finally sent me. I should have looked at this from the beginning but I normally don’t have problems ordering online. It was taking too long to get the merchandise.(approximately a month).so I got tired and asked them to cancel the order via email. They replied back to me that they were sorry for the delay but they were still processing the order. I told them I still wanted to cancel. They said I would incur all these shipping fees because they were located in China and they would charge me 15% for the return or I could get a cash refund of 15%!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! The package came 2 days later and the sandals aren’t worth the paper they are made with. I could not believe it. First you have to figure out how to put them together, yes you heard me right, like I said they are not worth it. I should have known because of the price of them. I just thought I was getting a really good sale because they were around $20 each. THESE PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO BE TAKEN DOWN. IT IS NOT FAIR WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO OTHERS but I’m figuring since it is another country nothing can be done. They got me and I will never do this again. Now I know what to look for but why should I even have to do that!!!!



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