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Aimee – Sep 07, 2020

Hi! I paid these people through a Walmart on July 12th of last month, I was scammed 620 dollars from these people. I recently had just lost my dog of thirteen years and let them know that but these sick twisted people still went through and took my money. I have a police report and case currently under file! Robbie Adams is the name of the person receiving the money and they’re from Houston Texas, 77003 (: If these disgusting people have scammed you too I recommend going and filing a police report immediately and providing as much evidence as you can. Thank you and stay safe everyone

Rodney – Aug 08, 2020

Walmart saved our money. We had decided to get Molly and went to Walmart to send the money. Walmart refused to send the money. Said most of these kind of transactions are scam. Junta said to just go to another Walmart. At that point we decided not to go through with the purchase after Walmart was so positive about it being a scam. A few days later we were offered an adult pug from a rescue group where we got our first pug. She is very sweet and we love her. Beware of these people

James – Aug 08, 2020

Walmart saved our money. They refused to send the money because it was to someone we didn’t know and for a dog. If you look at their site they have the same 5 dogs all the time. We fell in love with Molly and were ready to send money. We had sent message after message about her and him assuring us he was honest. I am so thankful Walmart was aware of these scams and refused to send the money. A few days lasted I was offered a female pug from a pug rescue where we got our first pug. We’ve had her about a week and she’s perfect. Not a puppy but an adult. Love her already.

Francisco – Jun 19, 2020

I was scammed by these horrible people also. Back the end of April I was trying to decide between Debby and Molly and she was so helpful. Finally I decided, transferred the money the way she asked and low and behold no more contact except when I begged them to give me my money back they replied I would have it the next morning. I was heartbroken over the puppy I so wanted and furious that they had stolen my money. I had purchased a puppy this way before with no problems. I did report it to the FBI but I never heard any response.

Meredith – May 18, 2020

I ave sent the money through FedEx and they have received my money for Debbie a pug puppy. Since then they have not responded to my emails. I have serially been scammed. I will be filling a complaint with the Attorney General and any other facilities I can. Please don’t be taken as I did.

Julie – May 18, 2020

Junta pugs gas got my money and has not sent Debbie. I have been in constant communication with them an they are not responding. I hope people read about this before purchasing a dog from them..I am contacting the district attorneys office to file a complaint. Don’t get swondled.

Omar – Apr 25, 2020

Victim Location 47201

Type of a scam Other

This person or persons is scamming people and hurting them in a heart breaking way. "Junta" communicated with me through email about pug puppies available. When our family had picked out our puppy, "Junta" insisted on flying the dog to us. "Junta" gave us a discounted price and even offered if for some reason our dog dies in the first 2 years, she would replace the dog. When we told her that our Texas relatives would pick up the puppy, Junta stopped all communication.



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