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Colin – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 98087

Total money lost $590

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a rescue dog or any dog for adoption during this pandemic. After two weeks of looking and found the animal I wanted. Contacted them via there website link and they responded back within 24 hours that animal was still available. They went on to say how much for the animal which matched what I was finding else where. I replied back that I was interested but wanted to make sure this was legit before I proceeded further. She emailed me back and asked if I have ever used CashApp or Zelle which I have used in the past, so didn’t see anything issue. She sent me the information to use either system and I sent the money via my debit card (which I am disputed with my bank currently). She sent me pictures and video of the animal and said she would go to transport agency the next day to send out the puppy. The next day she contacted me and said all was set and the animal is being taken care of and the transport agency would send me an email and contact me, which they did. I contacted her back to let her know they are taken care of the rest and thank you. Then after two days of talking with the transport company and looking up cost associated with it, it look reasonable fair prices and I proceeded. It was a nightmare working with the transport company and email her back what was happening and I have not heard back from her as of yet Then I dug in a little deeper on research of the company which I should have done more before and was shocked to see them listed as one of the scams just recently in Nov 2019.



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