Julius Nkend

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Neil –

Victim Location 06092

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had been researching puppies to adopt for my family when I came across Julius Nkeng breeder profile page. He noted that was registered with the AKC. Over the next couple of days we echanged emails regarding information about the puppies he had available. He provided me with health records, pictures of the puppy and the mother, vaccinations, and health certifications. When we had agreed to move forward with the transaction he provided me with change of ownership papers, and we signed contracts guaranteeing the puppies safe delivery and health for the first year. Contracts and paperwork were signed and we exchnaged $850 via Zelle. Everything seemed very legit and reliable up until the delivery day. I received a call on the delivery day from the delivery service team, evergreen logistics, stating I needed to purchase a crate to ensure the safe delivery of the puppy. Once the puppy was delivered the money I used to purchase the crate would be full reimbursed. They provided me with a tracking number as well for the puppy. They stated the only form of payment they could accept was $2,100 in WALMART gift cards. They requested 5 walmart gift cards with 500 dollars on 4 for them and 100 dollars on one of them for a total of $2100. I became weary of the situation and canceled the transaction with the seller Julius Nkeng. I requested that since the puppy would no longer be delivered that the $850 I gave to him via Zelle be refunded. He refused to do so and then stopped taking my phone calls, my emails and text messages.



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