Julius Abraham

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Benjamin –

Victim Location 44119

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I met this guy on seeking this dating site for sugar daddies and gave him my number and started texting him and stuff and dumb me gave him my bank account information so he asked me what I would like my weekly allowance and I said I didn’t want any money just his time and love but he ended up writing a check for 2420 dollars into my checking account and depositing it the next day a few hours later he keep pressing me to go to Walmart and send Him sum money to Walmart to Walmart I didn’t and told him I’m not gonna do that so he threatens me all night about bouncing the check and going to the cops and get me arrested I wake up the next day to my bank calling me to a fraud alert on my account and shutting overthibg and opening a new one he presses charges on me and had someone impersonate Homeland Security US marshal by the name of Derrick Martinez now I fear that my freedom and reputation is gonna taken away from me somebody help me



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