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Johnathan –

Victim Location 93274

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job listed on indeed.com. I successfully submitted my resume and info for a job titled “Teller” for a credit union. I looked up the credit union to see where it was and it said Utah. I’m in California. I figured there was probably a local branch here and submitted my resume anyway.

Less than an hour later I received a text from a Virginia area code asking me to go to a website to complete a questionnaire to finish the application for the teller position. The job on the website was for an art gallery owners personal assistant. Not a teller job at a credit union. I was excited anyway and started filling out the questionnaire. The job duties as well as the constant grammar mistakes started making me suspicious. I read over the questionnaire again and noticed some red flags. Asking for my birthdate and if I own a bank account and with which bank discreetly asked among a slew of legitimate questions.

I then messaged the person back and said I thought I applied for a credit union teller. They told me it was filled already so they were offering me this one.

I looked up the site on google and noticed all the photos on the site were posted 5 days ago… the day the job offer was created on indeed.

I smelled the BS and stopped filling out the questionnaire. Please investigate further but I’m pretty sure this is a sneaky scam to gain enough personal info and your bank number. The job description mention being sent money to buy art supplies on errands and not using your own money so I’d bet they’d ask for a routing number after you’ve been “hired”.



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