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Type of a scam Employment

I’d been searching for months for a new job and since I’d been posting my resume on every job site I could find, I got a little happy when I received the following email:


Your contact information has been transferred to me from our HR managers. All further hiring process will be going through me.

Request 01-D2E5EF8C-2/21/2018-01

My name is Juliana Flores and I am a Senior Manager at Wenx Insurance, LLC.

You have received this email due to your interest in proposed vacancy. If you believe this is mistake – please use the link below to unsubscribe.

To obtain more information about this opportunity please follow the link below or respond, otherwise please ignore this email. If you will have any questions at this point – don’t hesitate to ask me directly.

Have a good day.

All detailed information about proposed position you can find at our web site. [LINK REMOVED]

To unsubscribe click here.

Best wishes,

Juliana Flores,

Wenx Insurance, LLC

So, I signed up! Here’s the thing: About a week or so after I signed up for my at home insurance business, I started receiving packages. They’d send me an email telling me to expect a package. The tracking number was listed in the email and when the package came my "job" was to email them letting them know that I’d received the expected package and then wait for them to send me a "new" label; once I received the new label, I removed the original label and replaced it with a new one that was sent to me by these unseen people. I’d then take the package to FedEx and ship it out! This went on for three or four weeks. I’d say in all I received and shipped about 10 packages.

I still can’t figure out the purpose because all they got from me other than my name and address was the time it took to take the packages to FedEx. I did send them a copy of my electric bill to verify my address but that’s it! There was an option to be paid via direct deposit but I chose the "receive a check" method. I guess that was my brain looking out for my dumb self. So, that’s my experience with Wenx Insurance.



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