Julian Reddix DBA/REDD X Inc

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Devon –

Victim Location 92503

Total money lost $1,100

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Claims to be referred from Home Advisor says he’s a contractor between job proceeds to quote you a price for work how much it will cost and that it will take 5 days at $300.00 per day he will work a 8 hr for a total of 40 hrs total cost $1500.00 but your lucky if he works 5 by the end of the 5th day not much has been accomplished it’s not until the 6th that there is tile on floor no the dragging of feet barely showing up working 5 hrs if your lucky but expecting to be paid for 8 then comes the milking of more money and how you don’t now how things work and this is how it’s done then he walks off the job with out completing it and claims you stopped paying him then it’s off to small claims where he literally lies that he worked 12days and he had no material on site he doesn’t now what he’s doing he wastes material damages material with all his mistakes then leaves you with a think 1" ledge to dust in your bathroom



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