Judy Miller

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Shannon –

Victim Location 70807

Type of a scam Government Grant

For about 8 to 12 hours even while I was at work these 2 people continued messaging me on Facebook telling me I had won government money. One was Judy Miller. I have struggled for about 8 years so I thought I would be able to finally get my children and give them a great Christmas so I did indeed give this person my Facebook password like a complete [censored]. Looking back I will say the person wore me down about it they continued messaging me every 2 or 3 minutes back to back and Facebook has now locked me out of my own account and will do absolutely nothing to help me. Three of my friends have messaged me on Instagram to give me screen shots of this person reaching out to them from my page now pretending to be me. I really think Facebook is in on this because on the app the address says Hacker Drive!!! I never looked at that because I actually thought Zuckerberg was a business man but I was very wrong. Good people get scammed every day but to punish the person and just allow the hacker to use your account that’s just ridiculous and unfair. Someone could report my account then I will lose all my children’s baby pictures. That was the only place I could store them I have been homeless on and off for about 3 years. I want to let people know Government Grant’s are not given out on Facebook or Instagram don’t fall for it. Because Facebook just let’s these people have your account. They must be getting money from these hackers they will not even allow me to report it or even upload my Id to show it’s my actual account. I didn’t know that the site was that corrupt or I would have shut my account down years ago.



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