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Shana –

Victim Location 34465

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company claims to be in the business of bidding on seized items from gov. agencies, irs, banks, and various

other places where there is non payment. They claim to only bid on high end items in good shape, such as boats ,

motor homes, skid steers, tractors and the like. They claim that these auctions are not open to the public and the items go very cheap. In that way, they can offer them to the public at a discounted price. The problem is they list

them at extremely low price. A case in point, I was interested in a Cat Skid Steer listed at $4700.00. That same item

on any other web site should sell for $20,000. And they point out that any item over $2,000.00 can be delivered free.

They claim that the items could be any where in the US and must be paid for before they can release it.

The form of payment must be Bank to Bank transfer. I was interested enough to go to my bank to send a deposit

from the information they provided. My bank looked it over and determined that it was a scam. There was no bank name, just a name and address of someone to collect the transfer. The routing number they provided didn’t match

address of the so called bank. They strongly advised me to not pursue it further. The web site is juarezautoshop.com/ They go to great lengths to make their operation sound real. They have a list of every item

that can be seen on screen and even have a person giving a demo. of every item for sale. They even have a full page listing their Shipping polices and another full page for Payment policies. They want a deposit up front and you can ether pick the item from their showroom or have it delivered. The big problem is the prices they quote are too

low to be for real.



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