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Evan – Jun 19, 2020

Victim Location 10001

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I recently was looking a for a new puppy to purchase since mine had passed a few weeks before . I came across a Facebook page that was in the buy or sell section. The name of the page was Juan’s Shihtzu’s. They portrayed them self’s as a puppy store and breeder for the type of puppy I was shopping around for.. The Facebook page had several pictures of the puppies that were up for sale and ect.. I had left my name, phone number and email and a small brief description of why I was interested in purchasing a puppy from this company. I was contacted by text the next morning, the person asked the typical questions as far as my area I currently had resided in, which dog was I looking into purchasing . As I thought nothing of it I continued to explain we put a loving family and take very good care of all our pets and would be delighted if they still had any puppies to sell. Within minutes she replied that they still had “Betty” which is whom I had decided to pick . They requested I send them $700 to get the Process started. Once my funds were sent to this person, they would ship the puppy through plane.

( I didn’t think much of it because I have known a few people who have purchased dogs and had them sent via airplane .)

So the funds had went through and they had supposedly lived next within walking distance to their local airport in New York .

As I waited for a tracking number from this person I received a call from a local shipping cargo service for animals. The name was https://royaleinternational-shippers.com/ . They were asking that the puppy be placed in a air conditioned crate , a special puppy crate to help keep the puppy safe and cool through hot weather. The fee was $980. I was a little skeptical and they quickly responded with , it’s a refundable crate fee. As soon as the puppy was deliver to my door, I would receive the money back in cash. So I went ahead and sent it . The puppy was to arrive the next business day . As the day went on , I recited another call from this company asking before they shipped her , I would need to purchase insurance for the puppy . This was to keep her safe during Handling and transportation.. at this point I already sensed that there could be no way this sale is valid . The amount they were asking for to buy insurance was $ 1,020. They refused to accept credit card they wanted it sent though Apple Pay or Zelle . I quickly responded that I will not send anymore funds to them as they were dishonest about who they were and how ashamed they should be for scamming someone who thinks they’re buying a puppy . As I continued to say no I was not going to send anymore money , this person was sending me vulgar texts , demanding I send the funds . I simply asked for a refund and they would not send any of the money back to me . They repeatedly kept stating that I will end up responsible for any danger that this puppy is in if I didn’t send money for insurance for the dog .



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