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Diana –

Victim Location 30306

Type of a scam Phishing

I got extorted,her website is Juanitaramos.com, She started inboxing me out the blue asking me random questions about my job, And how much I make, Then some flirting began, All of a sudden I see my name on her website, Then another phone number contacts me and says they want $2500 and it will be taken down, All the messages where photo shopped, I never said those things to her, I paid 500 to a western union after negotiating with 2 different ppl who would not answer the phone but text me from numbers that are computer generated ,, she`s a scam artist, I went to the police, Juanita Ramos is not her real name, A quick google and she has only her site and a fb page, nothing else,She never answers the phone numbers, The Georgia cyber crimes unit has her on the wanted list, My wife is on pics with me that she screen shot then put fraud info on, she`s a fraud, its not her real name,phone,



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