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Jeremy –

Victim Location 78542

Total money lost $7,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a call from a Jackie McCana a "senior account specialist” offering funding services. I submitted an application and bank statements and they return with an offer of a money cash advance of $10,000 thru Kash Capital and a line of credit thru JTTFunding. Since, that was what i was needing i declined their offer. Immediately after that Jimmy Doubourakis (aka Demetrios Doubourakis) upped the offer to $50,000 with the condition that i send him $7000 upfront. Since Im new to this i agreed. They sent me a contract from LENDIO which i signed and sent back. The contract contained instructions to send money via ACH to a Johnson Joseph. The would not accept wire transfer only ACH. Since my bank (Chase) was not able to send money via ACH they then suggested to send money via Cashier’s Check.

Ms Jackie McCana then instructed me to make the check payable to a Jimmy Doubourakis her "boss”.

I sent the Cashiers Check via FedEx. Which they received the next day only to tell me they could not cash check because "Jimmy Doubourakis” was not his real name but his "american” name that his real name was Demetrios Doubourakis. So we ended up sending funds to him via MoneyGram. Which they received. And moneygram confirmed. Once they received funds they were suppose to send me the wire confirmation. They first sent it in an email which i could not open to view. They later sent a "screenshot” that the wire had been made. Which we never received. A very elaborate SCAM. Very well played. They even used “self destructing emails” so once u read them they disapprear. So print everything out if you deal with these people!! Also they used different names. Apparently, this business tries to do legit business but when they see an opportunity they’ll execute the scam! I was originally contacted by a Jackie Calogaines then when it turned into a scam i was dealing with a Jackie McCana. No matter what they say or how they try to dismiss these types of bad reviews


They also then sent me fake moneygram receipts saying that they werent able to receive the funds. But moneygram explained that the funds were received and that Demetrios Doubourakis even used 2 types of identification.



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