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Katherine –

Victim Location 41004

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On 2/2/17 my boyfriend, *** *** received a voicemail that said:

""This message is intended for *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** * *** ** my office filed under your name and social security number. I need you to be advised that I have a request to put you on my schedule to sign for a certified notice of intent regarding a pending claim being filed against you. Before I stop by your residence or place of employment I wanted to provide you with a courtesy call to inform you that you are being placed on my schedule for service. Any questions you may have will need to be directed to the filing party and they can be contacted at ###-###-#### refer to file number 579-8232. To be clear you’re being placed on my schedule for service on February 6th, unless I hear otherwise I’ll be seeing you at that time *** *** you have been notified."

After listening to the voicemail he called the number that was provided. He spoke with a man named "Jerry" who transferred him to the "senior litigator" named "Mary Stewart." Ms. Stewart knew ***’s full name, his social security number, address, and the amount he has loaned from spot loan. She told *** this information without verifying who he was. When asked what company she was employed by she said "Wright and Associates." She refused to give an address for the company and claimed we could Google it. She refused to let *** speak to her supervisor. She told *** that he incriminated himself by calling the number and that she would see him in court. Then she hung up. *** called back and spoke with her again and she said that he didn’t have the right to know where she works. *** received 3 more phone calls on 2/3/17 from the same person who left the voicemail. All contact with these persons have been recorded.

*** called Spot Loan to check on his account. He was told that since he defaulted they sold his debt to a 3rd party debt collector. They told him that the 3rd party is JTM Capital LLC. They gave him JTMs phone number. He tried calling the phone number to verify and Everytime he calls he is sent to a voicemail.

It is very concerning that the company is not abiding by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. He is being harassed by these people who won’t even tell him where they work. He is being threatened with telling personal information to his employer. It is also concerning that the woman on the phone said his social security number out loud without verifying who she was speaking to.



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