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Emmanuel –

Victim Location 37620

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

My Aunt and my Brother get a text stating that I needed to contact a Steve Logan from JTK Legal Counseling. I contact this person and he goes on how I took out a cash advance loan back in 2015. Read off all the info that this check cashing place supposedly had sent his law firm. He got all the info correct except for the bank I used at the time. That then sent up a red flag. He proceeds to tell me if I didn’t pay the amount do today that it would go to court and the amount would be doubled. So I laughed and said so you expect me to pay you the money. He says no I never said that. I then said ok say I were going to pay the amount in full today. How would I go about doing that. He says you can make a payment over the phone to my law firm and you will receive a confirmation code. Then I ask him why wouldn’t a collection agency call me instead of him and why would he even contact my relatives when I’ve had the same number since I took that loan. He says I’m sure they did contact you. Your phone may have been turned off at the time. My phone has never been turned off due to not paying the bill. Let alone it ever being powered off. I straight up told him look I’m not paying you nothing you can take me to court. I’m contacting the loan place and the debt collecting agency. He then says ok I’ll give you until Wed to look into this and see its not a scam. Then call my law firm back and let me know how you plan on paying off your debt.

Leonard –

Did you find out if he was for real or not cause i have the same place calling me about a loan i had got to im tring to find out if hes tring to scam me



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