JS Handyman

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Robin –

Victim Location 75228

Total money lost $7,500

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Warning: J&S Handyman on Craigslist – Cheyenne (Shane) Signo. Do not contact this thief for work and do not give him a dime. He’s an inexperienced scammer who pretends to have older, more experienced workers supervising him. That is not true. He also will show up around noon, “work” for an hour or two, then leave. If you give him a check he immediately goes to a check cashing store so that he can steal and live off of your hard earned money. There are at least two reports (one in Ft. Worth) from people he has stolen from. I am filing police reports as well as suing him. Again, stay clear from this thief and his relatives. The relatives ran a scam in Elizabeth, New Jersey and stole from many people. Shane Signo is a liar and a thief.



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