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Rachael – Jul 14, 2020

I was researching on my computer when all of a sudden a pop up RED ALERT flashed with a loud noise that my system was being invaded by someone. At the bottom of the alert gave me a phone number to contact so I did as my computer was frozen. Michael answered and said he would help me. He took access to my computer explaining what happened and that he would install a Microsoft security system that would completely protect my computer system. He had the computer for over 1 hours then. He then told me it would cost over $200.00, I told him I was retired and could not afford that so he said I could buy the security protection for $149.99 for a 2 years period of coverage. So I agreed, They would not take credit cards had to be a check which they took a picture of and told me to send out right away. He gave me a code and told me I was never to speak with anyone else but them, just hand up on any other company. I did see red flags but everything was already done so thought since Michael resaid to me a guarantee of security I would try it. After my check cleared I was advised by one of my credit card companies that a false charge was coming through on my card. They cancelled the card and I had to wait for a new one. Then I received a call from Richard for JRG 9 Services LLC that they were issuing refunds quoted mine would be $149.99 as their system failed. He had me sign into my online bank and took control of my system again. After he did a few things he said he would call me back in one hour. I felt horrible and called my bank. My bank closed the online account immediately and started a new account and would not let me have online banking again until I had my computer cleaned professionally. Then amazon called me someone tried putting an $800.00 purchase through and I told them was not me I had to close my amazon account. Then I got a call from another credit card same thing some tried putting a charge through, closed account waited for new card in mail. Another call from my bank a charge was being put through my debit card, which I very rarely use. Bank closed and I had to wait for a new card and account. I ended up calling JRG9 services and spoke with manager that advised me that 2 fired employee’s probably made the call about the refund and put Michael back on the phone that told me I was suppose to ask for the code and not speak to anyone else. Well by this time I did not want anything more to do with them and completely wiped my system clean and had to reinstall my programs. I reported this scam to BBB that did send message back and forth with no success for a refund. Even though they send incorrect information and admitted it to BBB they had proof I approved of the service, which they said was a repair of my computer for 1 day. And that I searched them out. I sent proof of a 2 year security system which was completely ignored. So I paid $149.99 for this hassle I guess compared to what it could have been I was lucky as they charge other people alot more, I was not as smart as the above guy who never send the check. So the only recourse for me is to warn others about this terrible company. Good Luck

Terrance – Feb 24, 2020

Victim Location 44107

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was online looking at homes to buy in a realtor site, got a sudden pop-up of a large red box warning me not to go further that malware was present and to call a number located at the bottom of the red box. I did so and got a foreign person I had trouble understanding on the phone. He said he was a company who worked with Microsoft to offer protection for my PC. He showed me a screen with 3 protection packages. One was for approximately $300, one for $497 and one for almost $900. The most expensive was for lifetime protection of my PC. I told him I had elderly parents and he said he would give me the $497 package to save me money-yeah right! so I asked if he would take a check, and he said yes. took a picture of the check and put it on my desktop- I also gave him remote access to my laptop for an hour. He also gave me his full address to send him the check. Which I did not. He said he would use the picture on my desktop. All said and done I received several calls to see how my PC was working during that week. One call asked if I had a retailer near by- Walgreen’s Cvs, etc. He wanted me to leave the house and purchase Google Play cards for around $300 and call him back with the numbers and Pin so he could install more software. I then realized I was scammed! I told him I could not leave the house, so he said he would call back later in the week. He might have but I didn’t pick up the call when he called. They did try to cash my check with their own made out check but luckily for me they could not- since the original check I still had. Yet they did use my bank’s routing and my account number on their fake check. Thankfully they did return my money to the checking account I still had open, which made me very happy!

Kyle – Jul 10, 2020

THANK YOU. I just went through the exact same experience. I promptly stopped payment on the check but I feel like an [censored] for being so gullible.



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