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Victim Location 29720

Total money lost $1,011.50

Type of a scam Other

I went on the oodle.com website looking to purchase a shih Tzu puppy. I contacted a number that was on the site about shih Tzu puppies for sale for $300. Someone from the number that I had text off of the site (texting was the only way to contact them) text me back and informed me that they still had a male and female shih Tzu puppy for sale.

So we text back and forth for a little while on Saturday 3-19-16 about the puppies and I asked for pictures, this person sent me some pictures through my email from a name of Todd Raymond. I told him which dog I wanted and he told me that he would go to the delivery agency and take the dog there and that someone would be calling and emailing me shortly thereafter with instructions on how I would go about paying for the dog and after that I would be given a departure time and arrival time. The $300 was supposed to cover the dog and shipping.

So, I get an email from JRB Express telling me what I needed to do to send the money, which required me going to Wal-Mart and sending it in a money gram. They also called me from a Massachusetts number telling me the same thing as the email. So, I go to Wal-Mart and send a total of $311.50 to a Taku Fondong from Columbus Ohio and they want me to take a picture of the receipt and email it to them confirming the money was paid before they can ship the dog.

I did this too, then I receive an email about an hour later telling me that the dog was not left with the right kind of puppy crate and that I would need to either buy one for $1500 or rent one for $700 and that I would get the $700 back from the delivery driver once the dog was delivered to my house. This was also supposed to cover an "anti pressure vaccine" that supposedly the dog was going to need also…so the same number calls me telling me the same thing the email did and I let them know that I was told that the price of the dog plus shipping was supposed to be included for the $300, and that I wasn’t giving them any more money.

I didn’t get the dog nor my money bk



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