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Felicia – Nov 11, 2020

I just got scamed from this people for 380 dollars they took a efs code in order to show up and they never showed up called them they curse me out and never answer the phone again. Low life’s bunch of crack heads. Stay far away dont call this people

Larry –

Victim Location 60191

Total money lost $690

Type of a scam Other

"Bobby" called from the # 8556659800 for road repair on a semi in Hatch, NM. I advised that the closest to find the parts needed would be in El Paso, TX. When I tried to explain the charges for road service, Bobby stated he did not care. Just needed to get the repair done tonight. I told him I would be calling hi m back with an update and he gave me a different #. The # was 8773645264 x109. When I called the # back, it just rang with no greeting or ability to put in the extension. When Bobby answered, I told him that we only found one part and not the other. He stated that just go with what I have and if I have to go back tomorrow, to just go. Bobby stated he did not care about the cost. Just get it done. I decided to google the # and found a FB post about the same situation. The customer that actually calls for help will prepay for the service. Then, Bobby’s company will call a road service to fix the truck. When the job is complete by the third party, Bobby’s company will not answer the phone any longer. So I called the driver for the company because luckily Bobby gave it to me. I called the driver and told him I would like to speak to the owner of the trucking company. I got the # and spoke with the owner of the company that had the truck broken down. Turns out Arthur had prepaid via EFS $690 for the road service. When I informed him of what I found online, he called Bobby and was cursed at and hung up on. Arthur stated he called EFS but Bobby’s company already cashed out the EFS check. According to another local company I work with, DOT is aware of this scam and it has been happening a lot at the weigh stations and port of entrys for the Semi’s that get stopped. The story I read was in Missouri. My road service is in New Mexico. This does not seem to be centralized in one area and is nationwide. I hope they are stopped as most companies are small family owned companies that are being scammed.



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