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Shawn –

Victim Location 31820

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Lady called from JPR group, told me I would have a court order filed against me and that I owed $452 for an advance loan from Advance America from a loan in Aug 2013 – she then told me if I didn’t pay it that I have to go to court and pay $1500. She transfered me to someone and the phone kept beeping as if she was recording me. She knew my ENTIRE SSN. My address but had my birthday year wrong. I’m worried with her having my social security number. I did not have a loan. I did not pay, I hung up after about 20 minutes of trying To understand. And she knew my bank.

Robin –

Victim Location 06750

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from 18556258427 stating that they were JPR group & had some legal documents & a case #18-H*** & a case worker Mrs April has been assigned. I was transferred & she said that it was about a cash advance that I had taken out. She knew that I had worked for *** *** 10 years ago. I told her that I never took out a cash advance & she insisted that I had received a settlement letter of which I never did. I asked her to provide me a copy of it. She said she did not have it. She was trying to get me to settle out of court for $50 a month. She told me I had until 5 pm to call her back or go to court. When I did call her it was to tell her I am reporting her but got nothing but music. I am on the National do not call list but these scammers ignore the law & call anyway to harrass, threaten people.

I just made a full scam report on the phone #1855 625 9427 but… I forgot to mention that the original number that called me was a local # 860 294 4327 they gave… me the 855 625 9427 # to call. I called them back & their voicemail says thank you for calling "our office" with no business name of course. I told them my name & informed them that I was reporting "their office" & the other 855 scam number that harrassed me & threatened me with a law suit if I did not agree on the call to pay $50 a month on a $1000 cash advance that was never taken out by me. I don’t have any more time to furthur research the 860 number because this took up my entire morning/afternoon but I think it said it was a land-line & gave some names also. I would like it investigated & charges filed against all parties involved today.



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