JPL Recovery Company

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Christian – Jul 28, 2020

JPL Recovery Company have been one of the most outstanding scams! If you have paid any money to Hamilton and Jacob and associates, please email us at
[email protected] for further details, please contact one for our legal consultants who can help!

Private Investigator-Sarah Lee will assist you with an affordable consultation rate.

Through this pandemic, What to do if you’ve been the victim of a scam? Today Scams are becoming more accessible and, a lot of people fall victim to them. I understand this can be very upsetting, but don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed – you have been the victim of a crime, this will be beneficial to report it and get the help you need.

Troy –

Victim Location 55904

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company has called multiple times and has also called numerous people I know. They try to intimidate others to give info on me. They also are very rude. I called this number and they said I owed on a credit card. They requested to have my bank account info and also kept asking me personal questions like my social security number.



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