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Karl –

Victim Location 49720

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A woman called my cell phone (from 956-307-8627) saying she was with a civil processing center and that someone was trying to deliver something to my husband. She was very difficult to understand and I had no idea what she was talking about. I asked for more information and she said it was confidential. She asked to speak with my husband, named him, and I said he was not available. She asked me to verify the last 4 digits of his SSN, which I did not provide. She then asked for his birthday, which I did provide. She told me we needed to call JPL Firms at 941-213-2013 and she provided us with a reference number to give to them. Upon calling "JPL Firms", they wanted to speak with my husband but talked to me anyways. They said a company was attempting to sue my husband for $1,488 for a previous cash advance he took out and never re-paid (he did take out one cash advance years ago but also paid it off years ago). "JPL Firms" said a company he borrowed from (did not name the company) had attempted to send us mailings and she even provided an old address where my husband used to live in a Chicago suburb. She said they were suing him for $1,488 but the actual amount owed was $1,012, but they were willing to settle for $698 and if we settled she would send paperwork to stop the court order. I told her my husband would call later and she said her name was Sarah and to reach her at ext. 5050. My husband called later and a woman answered and asked who he was calling for. He said Sarah at ext. 5050, and she said that was her. He told her he paid off the loan already and had a receipt and everything. She asked him to fax the paperwork to her at 866-532-4513. We then realized it was a scam and did not sent anything. When we tried to call back the original number for the "civil processing center", an automated message said "please provide your name and Google Voice will try to connect you".



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