JPB Foundation IMPOSTOR: Julie Valentine Stewart

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Johnny –

Victim Location 75418

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Government Grant

On 7/16/19 Julie Valentine Stewart is a Scammer offering money claiming to be from the Charitable JPB Grant Association. She assumes people identity and picture on Messenger and Facebook so you think you are talking to a friend about this but its actually her. She is very convincing that if you send her like 500.00 the JPB foundation will send you $ 35,000. -$100,000. dollars if you send her a money amount $500.00- $50,000.00 on a scale she sends you for the amount you need.I asked her why do we pay $850,00 and she said it was processing fees. All fees included. I messaged my friend to see if this was real and Julie answers me as my friend yes . Pretending to be my friend on messenger, Julie Valentine Stewart stated, Yes I paid her 850.00 dollars and I got $50,000.00 in 48 hr. Miss Stewart said go to Post Office get postal money order for $850.00 send it to her delivery agent: George Hayes at 2066 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, Calif 90047. When its cashed we will send money to you. On 7/22/19 at 3:30 pm she messages me there is a problem the person who has to sign check had emergency, had to leave. No one else there to sign check. We will send cash. I declined as I don’t want cash floating in the mail. She came back 2 days later messaged me person is back has signed check and now it cost an added $479.00 deliver by Unique logistics I contacted my friend by phone and asked her if she knew Julie Valentine Stewart, did she get grant money from JPB. My friend said no . then I realized This Stewart woman assumed my friends identity,. I asked for my $850,00 to be refunded as I smelled a rat by this time. She refused refund. I out $850.00 and have learned a good expensive lesson.

I said why is it costing me a postal amount of $479.00 to send money? She stated, "didn’t your friend tell you that" I said no why would she your the company representative. That is your job. You never mentioned an added fee for mailing. You wrote that all fees were included in the $850.00. I refused to send any more money. I asked for the address of her company and phone for someone higher than her to speak with. She provided me with a real address to JPB in New York but no phone number. I wrote to JPB 875 3rd Ave -29th Floor New York, NY 10022. Its a credible Charitable Foundation and their Attorney verified Julie Valentine Stewart is not an employee. Their Attorney is Schulte&Zabel LLP 919 3rd Ave New Yok, NY 10022



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