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Pamela –

Victim Location 10804

Type of a scam Employment

I am currently looking for a job and have my resume on different job sites. I was emailed that they had reviewed my resume and felt that the at home job they were offering would be a good fit for me because of my experience. Asked for more details, received job details, reviewed them. Your asked to review the job responsibilities, your paid 3500.00 on the first on the month, but you have to work the first month and wait till the next 1st. You are to print off checks they are sent front and back, cut them to the size of a regular check, open a bank account, which they do not ask for the information, also they never asked for ID or SS# either. Once the account is open they send the check to you, you cut it down and only deposit MOBILE BANKING. Wait for it to clear and further information will arrive. Ok , I consider myself smart. But a single mom trying to get a job, this is definitely a scam, my concern is this who’s bank account number is on this check, it could be mine, which they dont have. But if anyone needs anything from me to stop this, I have the first to last email I just sent them.

Donald –

Victim Location 76116

Type of a scam Employment

I recently received the attached email regarding a home based position. First off they got my name wrong and secondly I have not had my resume on any sites in over three years. I went ahead and googled the company which appears to be a solid company. And then I went to the and actually found there was another scam like this on October 19 in a different part of the US. And actually rather grateful that I do not fall for scams such as this but since this company came up on the as another scam I thought it was appropriate to report and make others aware.

Antonio –

Victim Location 48842

Type of a scam Employment

Received an email from two separate ppl offering a position as a customer service rep – part time hours – work at home – totally flexible – $3500.00 mth salary with 5% commission per mth bonus potential. I asked for more information and they sent a job description. I wasn’t serious in responding just wanted more info to report them. The email had broken English, typos as well as did the job description they sent. Total scam as their website leaves a lot to be desired and position description and tasks are very sketchy indeed! Don’t get sucked into this!



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