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Leslie – Sep 01, 2020

I did not make any purchase with Joy Huffman, however I did have a long back and forth with her as well as some of the other posts about her scam. She sent videos and photos to confirm the puppy. The first red flag was her unwillingness to do a video call. Next, she sent more photos and videos and in one of the photos she sent, it was a screen shot with the name of another dog company at the very top. At this point I was completely unsure of her authenticity. Looking at the previous posts it was the same concept of $509 dollars among other things.
Just wanted to make this post to bring more awareness of her scam.

Lauren – Aug 10, 2020

Victim Location 75115

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer offered a purebred poodle puppy on their website for $509, whichever included shipping the puppy to my address. They confirmed that the puppy was real with pictures and a video, but would not agree to a live video meeting. After I requested an additional video, one was sent. I was asked several times throughout our long back and forth email conversations for the $509 via cashapp, but I asked if I could send $300 now and the rest upon the arrival of the puppy. They agreed. I cashapped the money to Larry Huffman and emailed them to let them know, as they had requested me to do. I was asked to send a screenshot of the completed transaction and to check my bank to let them know if the transaction showed. I did. Shortly afterward, I received an email from I had communicated with them earlier on how to detect a scam. I was told I could google the phone number to see if any scams had been reported. Sure enough Larry Huffman’s name came up under a scam with Prestige Poodles. I quickly canceled the cashapp transaction, so I didn’t lose any money. However, I wanted to make the report.

The email they used is from Joy Huffman at [email protected]

Joy – Aug 09, 2020

Victim Location 74533

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This lady seemed very believable, she answered every question I had and was quick with the responses. For the payment method she asked me to get a onevanilla card from Walmart and put the money on and then send her a picture of the card and the receipt. She kept emailing me and even emailed early the day she was supposed to ship the dog saying she was taking it to the airport. Everything was super convincible until I got an email from the “shipping agent” that I needed to upgrade the crate for $950 because of COVID-19 and that it would be refunded once I received the puppy. I googled and found out that was a scam so I knew that I had been scammed the whole time.



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