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Kristina –

Victim Location 55105

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Credit Cards

This woman claims to be a “one woman show who can set her own rules” and swindled my mother for $250. She made an appointment for my sister-in-law for a Brazilian Blowout hair treatment, and at first required a $50 pre-payment. When my mother told Connie it was a gift, she then convinced her to pay the complete $250 up front. Nowhere online does it state her pre-payment, cancellation, or refund policies.

When my sister-in-law told us that she was no longer interested in this service, we called back within 15 minutes of the original appointment being made. Connie refused to refund any of the money, even though the cancellation was being made with TEN DAYS advance notice.

I called and tried to get a straight answer from her about what her cancellation policy is and where I could find that information, and she said “I don’t have that written down, and I’m not legally required to do so.” She then said that “this is an expensive appointment and I have to set aside 3 hours for it.” I understand this, but that logic makes no sense with 10 days notice.

It is unthinkable that a salon would swindle an elderly lady trying to make a gift appointment for her daughter-in-law convincing her to pay 100% of the service up-front. Then, when a cancellation is made within minutes of the originally booking and with TEN DAYS notice of the appointment, refusing to refund any of the money, because of arbitrary and capricious reasons.

Connie is a scammer, a swindler, and takes advantage of those that are easily targeted by not having ANY policies written down anywhere. She could not even tell me her cancellation policy over the phone.

This business should be shut down.



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