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Linda –

Type of a scam Employment

This is the email I received from them. I will not be working for them. Will not accept any e-transfer from them.

On Jun 25, 2019, at 12:50 PM, Brandy Blunden wrote:

Congratulations! Now you can start the probation period for the Online Service Manager position.

We have chosen you from a large number of candidates for this position, and we hope that you will not disappoint us.

You should check your email constantly during the day and respond quickly to my email messages!

Also keep your mobile phone available for a call from us at any time.

Now you need to prepare for the successful performance of your work.

1. We will create a personal Bitcoin wallet for you.

You will have to process payments for goods and services for our partners and customers.

We will provide you with corporate money for your Bitcoin wallet.

After that you will work with this wallet (It will be your personal business wallet).

2. To get started with Bitcoin, you will need to top-up your wallet.

We will transfer money to you via the Interac system.

For this we need to know your information:

Holder Name:

Bank Name:

Your email address for Interac system:

After receiving the electronic transfer, you will need to buy bitcoins and top-up this wallet.

Our accountant will send you transactions via Interac system to buy bitcoins.

Have you ever used an electronic transaction (Interac)?

Do you have online banking?

Once you got your Bitcoin wallet full, you will receive the first order from the customer.

We will contact our partners from whom you will buy goods at a lower price.

This is necessary for customers, so use only the services of our partners for a lower price.

Your responsibility will be to:

– Contact the client;

– Obtain an order from the client;

– Analyze the order;

– Find the most successful way of delivery;

– Contact the seller (our partner);

– Organize the purchase of necessary goods and services;

– Inform the customer of the order price.

3. Then you must pay for customers order using bitcoins (only). Also you need to know the time of delivery.

After that you will contact the customer and give him all the details on his order.

(Including delivery time in the client’s region).

You must perform all the necessary tasks for the client.

You must find an individual approach to each client.

You must maintain a good relationship with the client. (Even after all orders have been fulfilled).

You must offer the client new products and services of our Partners.

In other words, your position requires you to do everything in your power to keep the customer happy.

In the future, he will work with us and recommend our company to others.

Services and goods that you will buy for customers:

– Broker services;

– Consulting on financial services;

– Property valuation;

– Leasing services;

– Exchange services;

– Rating services.

You need to understand the client and find out his preferences and capabilities.

You can get detailed information about the client using our database.

– History of his orders

– Records of business telephone conversations, conferences, etc.

– Direct feedback – if you ask them, customers will usually tell you what they want.

– Inquiries about possible new products or services.

– Reviews of your customers about what they are buying from other companies.

– Changes in the goods and services that your competitors sell.

– Feedback and recommendations from other, non-competitive suppliers.

Initially, this may seem difficult, and sometimes it will not be clear to you. Do not worry.

I will help you within 2 weeks. I will give detailed instructions step by step.

So, after the second week, you can learn this profession if you work hard.

You must answer all questions in this letter and provide the necessary information.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I will answer immediately.

After receiving the necessary information, the operator of our call center will call you and tell you all the details to start work.

Best Regards,

Manager Brandy Blunden

Jovenes Staffing Inc.

phone: +1 647-503-3332

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