Jouvence Estellell cosmetics

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Regina –

Victim Location 92585

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

My mother was walking through lobby and lady gave her sample of cosmetics then told her to come in and they would show her how to use them. I guess my mom went in and then they put stuff on her face and said she owed them $648 so she said not and they wouldn’t take no for an answer. She is 75 and has early onset dementia. So she took that was walking out the door and they said the needed to show her something else. to make a long story short they ended up charging her $3300.00 They said her credit card didn’t through and give them another card and she did and they put $744 on that so between 2 cards they got $3300. She was so confused then she said they said they had 2 more things she would need. One was $10,000 and the other $7,500 she said no so they dropped it to $3999 then to $1999 then to $999 she was shaking and said no I can’t do that. I have called them and they won’t back down. I am going to call them one more time then I will try and pursue elder abuse with the DA’s office. When they kept her there they were keeping her against her will. She had some scabs on her face from recent cancer surgery and they told her not to go back to a dr ever for her skin. I had a hard time getting her to go to her appt. the next day she believed them. This is just wrong. My step father passed away 6 months ago so my mom’s condition is fragile as it is . I told them there is no way she can pay for this and they are just not listing. I want to pack it up and send it back. She did open a foam cleaner and day cream. I told them I would be happy to pay for those items which are not cheap. This is not fair to the elderly. No way they can make them look young again. Thank you I live with my mother.



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