Josie M. Padilla

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Maggie –

Victim Location 95050

Type of a scam Phishing

Email received by Scammer:

If perhaps you have recently been much more careful, you probably would not have received this email. I do not believe that cheating is a rare concern, however if your partner finds out about it, and also all your loved ones, friends on Fb along with images and videos, i doubt that they would enjoy it.

I’ve been following u, recently, and was taking pictures of what you were up to in your spare time. I do think your friends and family aren’t going to be pleased whenever they discover the reality. I’ve been right after you across the town for 7 days, and I have more than enough facts to mess up your entire [censored]ing life.

You only have one option to repair all of it … I’m allowing you one day to transfer me *** dollars. It would be good enough for me to leave your [censored] alone forever. It’s your decision to make a decision and pick now.

This is your choice, in case you want me to just forget about this whole [censored], then this is my btc address: 1QEcSqTcMyzoCgjkVv7MJUX6TG88BpL9sB (BTC)

For this, use or other related platforms or simply use search engines to find other wallets.

Don’t attempt to make contact with me or the officials, I personally use cracked email address to ensure that law enforcement will not have the ability to get me, otherwise I’ll instantly send shots and vid to everyone you know.

Right after opening this message, you have only one day, I’ll be checking out my btc wallet constantly, and if within time period given I don’t receive anything at all, I am going to react.

*** Do Not Reply to This Email ***



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