Josie Cahill

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Mark –

Victim Location 94509

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Contacted this lady saying she was selling a 2007 Toyota RAV4 Sport, asking for $2000, because her husband died a month ago, we believed it. We said we wanted it, she said everything works through *** because it’s more safe. So we kept exchanging emails until she finally said she contacted *** & they will contact me to pay. So we get an e-mail from "***" even had *** logo & It said I needed to contact a number on *** Support Department &buy 4 Amazon gift cards from a store and that’s when I got suspicious because as far as I know *** accepts any form of payment! I also got an e-mail from the lady telling me to call THAT number and give them the gift cards & let her know when it was done. So I googled "*** Support Department" & a completely different # appeared. So I decided to call amazon directly and they said they’ve never heard of that so they transfered me to the payments department & he said they don’t sell cars so please don’t send them any money and I asked if the number was their & obviously they said no, so to be careful & not send money to those people!!



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