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Natasha – Oct 16, 2020

Same as Above in Michigan 10/16/2020
Late Model Chevy Silverado

Darryl – Jul 09, 2020

same as the above, jet ski, broken english and payment in ebay gift cards is a dead giveaway, beware!

Kelli – Jun 20, 2020

“Getting ready to deploy and have to sell my truck ASAP.” Indicated that he was a member of the military and located at Ft. Belvoir, VA. Arranged the entire sale through EBay Motors Verified Protection Program and said that they would reach out to finalize the payment and they would take care of the shipping. SCAM. The entire purchase price of the truck was to be paid for in EBay payment cards, $200 at a time, which had to be purchased at local convenience stores. He should be arrested for fraudulently posing as a member of our esteemed military, let alone for this horrible scam and all the others he is obviously perpetrating! Stay clear!

Nathan – Jun 14, 2020

Same as the person above. “Joshua Hargrave” offered a jet ski for thousands of dollars below the value. He claimed to be going on deployment and needed to sell his jet ski asap. Ive looked into it and this is a complete scam. This man is not in the military and has attempted to steal money on multiple occasions. Do not contact this person for any reason.

Hillary – Jun 14, 2020

This was a online fraud claiming to be selling the ski out of an army base in Virginia.

April –

Victim Location 14826

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking to purchase a pick up truck and found one listed on Craigslist in Rochester NY. I contacted lister for more information and he requested my email address to forward me more pics and information. I received a detailed letter and more pics . this man said he was leaving for National guard and needed to sell the truck asap. The price was too good to be true. My gut told me to google search his name josh Hargrave…….sure enough he was a scammer…..did another type of sale deal on a diff truck and was reported. Watch out for this guy..might be going under various names……



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