Joshua Groban/Michael Archibald

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Kate –

Victim Location 77340

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Phishing

I am a fan of Joshua Groban in Facebook, I was surprised he sent me thru messenger saying he truly appreciated my comments. Joshua Groban’s profile picture appeared in messenger. We started to chat several times, he even sent pictures on concerts of Josh. He told me that since I am from the Philippines and can’t watch his concert he offered to send pictures and CDs, total weighs of the parcel is 20.04 kgs, asked me my mailing address. After several days, got an email from Michael Archibald of UPS, saying that they got a parcel under my name and the sender was Joshua Winslow Groban. There were several sending of emails from Michael and I just answered what is being asked without knowing it was a scam. He convinced me to pay $350 (borrowed money) that was sent to Western Union on Nov 16. I received a message from Western Union that a guy named Bonnie LanHam picked up my payment on Nov 21. I was out of town for a couple of days and upon returning home I emailed Michael to check the delivery of the parcel, he told me that the agent who went to Western Union said that the payment was not released by Western Union for some confidential reasons. I went back to Western Union to check what really happened, when Western Union checked their system it was positive payment was received. When I open my messenger, the words he said was almost the same words said by Michael Archibald in my email ad saying "do you mind returning back to Western Union where the payment was made to confirm the payment has been received". Were in fact I never mentioned about my checking made with Western Union. It came to my mind that Joshua Groban (messenger), Michael Archibald (email ad) and Bonnie Lanham are all but one person.



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