Joshua Fuller

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Marisa –

Victim Location 78244

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This man is claiming to want my laptop, saying he will paypal me $100 more than I asked for(selling it on craigslist). I say alright sure. He sends me a semi-real looking "paypal email" stating he paid for it, which is fake and the money is not in my account. He urges me to quickly, quickly send the laptop through usps priority mail only. This is fake, he wants the laptop sent for free. He says I have to send the laptop, talk to a paypal agent with the tracking number of the laptop(he used the word item instead of laptop, probably to not get confused with his scams on everyone), and that they would resolve it for me. Shipping an item has nothing to do with paypal, they are two separate entities. Ugh, anyway, check this guy out. He has his name and address in the email I attached, said it was for his "friend."



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