Josh Todorov

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Kendra –

Victim Location 08536

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Romance

I met a benefactor on a sugar daddy website who told me that he could be my benefactor. he told me needed iTunes cards for auto cad. 300 dollars worth. in exchange he deposited 840 dollars to my account. He told me that he has an accountant and that his accountant was handling the funds thats why his name was not on the check. BoA told me that it was a huge scam. I asked them to explain to me what they saw, and ***┬árefused to tell me what was on the check. They just said, "It’s too late now, go and find another bank." I will never forget the rude customer service. They said that since they were "committing" a fraud act that I was banned from the Bank indefinitely I was left in tears and confusion. I never saw the check, they never told me what information was on the check. I didn’t know much about my benefactor, a lot of the men are quite private to begin with on the website, I knew where he lived and that he had kids, and we spoke on the phone a bit (he certainly wasn’t nigerian or indian). I am left with more questions than answers.



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