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Amelia – Jun 01, 2020

Victim Location 06855

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello. i was looking to buy a puppy, i came on the site and emailed client, mentioned they can send out dog via plane and i pick up a airport near me. which i confirmed that is doable with a friend. i was somewhat weary but i felt good about it. after about 2 weeks i decided i should go ahead and buy the puppy. i emailed him back and forth and he even sent me other pictures of the puppy that werent on the website. so i was confident this was not a scam. forward to the day i was going to send money through zelle. and he insists i take a screenshot of the zelle and send it to him as well. now before i did my research of the site i sent 200$ and told him i would send the 300$ after he emailed me back with confirmation. as soon as i sent 200$ within 5 minutes he emailed me back. at this point i had come to the website that was filled with terrible reviews of being scammed by this site. this was after i sent the 200$, so i told the guy to give me a call so i can get more info on the dog and how to care for it. he ended up texting me from the number i provided and then called me after a minute. as i suspected now he didnt sound legitimate and sounded like a scammer. i can tell he was of carribean decent. in any case i have some information of the suspect.



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